2021-03 March

It’s with considerable pride that I announce the publication of Closeness by Bella Books in sunny Tallahassee, Florida. They’ve done a particularly fabulous job with this one, sporting a gorgeous cover design by Kayla Mancuso. Bella Books have recently set up their own media site  www.bellamediachannel.com  where we can read about books, authors and all sorts of interesting related stuff. I wrote an essay for them to post about how I use astrology to create and develop characters, which is a worthwhile read.

This novel is very queer—hardly a perfectly straight person in sight. It has contemporary and historical elements that I thoroughly enjoyed writing, especially about women’s suffrage in Australia and the United Kingdom. The story holds attraction, obsession, romance, passion, betrayal, retribution and reconciliation…not necessarily in that order! It also has some spooky woo-woo events that add an intriguing quirkiness to what is, essentially, ‘a good yarn’.

Let me know if it ‘tickles your pickle.’

Be hearing from you. YLW.