Romantic thrillers with a queer proclivity and paranormal bent


Kreyna Katz is a talented intuitive—just how talented is yet unknown. The Australian Security Intelligence Organization has high hopes that she will be a key member of their Non-Physical Surveillance Team, which gathers strategic information from any distance. Her experience within the Filigrane, the global consciousness network, makes her the perfect candidate.

Pleased to have found a career using her gifts, Kreyna is also entranced by the attentions of the attractive, enigmatic Frances Parrey. But can powerful minds and wayward hearts be delicately balanced or will they all shatter like glass?

Governments aren’t alone in their use of such techniques, and Kreyna finds herself on the receiving end of an offer she can’t refuse…

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Milgrane: Embracing the Sapphire

A fortune in diamonds stolen in Brussels. Across the globe, a copper-haired copper hunts a robber. And a charismatic jeweler has ambitions of her own—victim or thief?

Investigating officer Constable Taite O’Dath of the Australian Federal Police has Interpol impatient for an arrest in the Brussels heist. Is the co-owner of the missing diamonds, magnetic Sabine Zaffiro, mixed up in an international insurance fraud? As damning evidence mounts in Europe, the Zaffiros jewelry franchise is increasingly implicated. More precious than mere diamonds, Sabine means to steal Taite’s usually intractable heart. But emerging family secrets threaten to foul the jeweler’s dreams and the police officer’s future.

In the hunt for a perversely vicious thief, can Taite salvage the truth and a latent love?

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For Duscha Penhaligon, New South Wales is a long way from friends and family.

A talented town planner, she is still grieving her partner when, out of the blue, she inherits her estranged father’s house, and is drawn back to her hometown of Canberra.

It’s a chance to reconnect with all that was once familiar, to heal her heart and make a fresh start.

Working to build a business with her partner, Honor Boyce’s world is profoundly shaken by Duscha’s return. Seeming an ordinary gardener, Honor harbors an extraordinary passion—a secret obsession locked in the past.

For a life to be lived fully, it cannot be lived only in safety. Who has the courage to risk it all, knowing things will never be the same again?

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