2020-05 May


It’s been a long time between missives! I won’t give 2019 more than passing mention because of a series of personal events that graduated from bad to the other side of awful. In between, I did get some writing done. In fact, it kept me occupied for a good deal of the time in a thankfully healing way.

Consequently my third novel, Closeness, has gone to Bella Books in Florida for editing and publication either late this year or early 2021. Publishing is a process that requires considerable patience—nothing happens fast enough. This coming novel is less paranormal, more romance, and not even remotely ‘thriller.’ It’s a distinct change of pace from my previous work and held its own challenges. I can only hope that readers all over the globe will enjoy it. That’s the plan.

In these ‘interesting’ times of physical restriction, at least we have stories, be they books or films or TV shows that through technology keep us in touch with the zeitgeist and communities everywhere. Here on the third rock from the Sun, we are all in this together. Stay safe, be well. YLW.