2018-07 July

‘Struth, there goes another year...nearly. Mid last year, I caught a jet plane to Europe and visited much loved relatives, a journey long overdue. Thereafter, it took an inordinate amount of time to conceive and gestate the gist of my next foray into writing. However, I did get my ducks in a row before Christmas, ready to start in the new year.

Since, I have been planning, plotting and writing, which is why I haven’t posted for so long. The art of creating a cogent novel is to succumb to an intensely jealous beast that insists on one’s passionate and undivided attention. Meanwhile, the distractions and necessities of everyday life compete for said attention. Consequently, this ‘note’ will be short, no more than a wave of the quill to indicate that I am currently engaged in the singularly peculiar act of transferring a vivid imagination into compelling prose.

But before I get back to my scribbling, do go and see Disobedience at the cinema. I read Naomi Alderman’s book earlier this year and can recommend both it and the movie version—well worth your time. Keep reading... keep smiling! YLW.