2017-08 August

What’s your favourite film in the genre? It’s rare that a movie comes out in mainstream cinema, so we all keep a watch online in case something good is released. I don’t have an absolute favourite, although “When Night is Falling” is hard to beat for sheer entertainment. “I Can’t Think Straight” is such good fun, and “Saving Face” has a quiet humour that makes me sit there grinning... ‘conjugating Latin verbs’, anyone? Not to mention it features the very delicious Joan Chen who was sensational in “Wild Side” with Anne Heche... but make sure you see the uncensored version, or it’s incomprehensible! Here in Australia, we’re enjoying another season of “Janet King” on TV. It really is great viewing and so heartening to see a lead-role, multidimensional lesbian character on the small screen.

People helpfully review movies, books and all sorts of things online. I’d like to thank readers who have commented, despite sometimes wildly disparate views. I had someone write that they thought Taite (in Milgrane) was way too harsh on Sabine, whereas another said she really, really liked Taite, and felt she was courageous and strong. Another said she would date Sabine in a heartbeat! The reappearance of Kreyna (from Filigrane) was seen as a definite plus, and the spooky energies theme was intriguing... different... ‘when’s the next one coming out?’

Whatever your thoughts, do write a review on anyone of the many booksellers’ sites. And I make a point of writing back when people write to me here, no problem. Cheers, YLW